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Some Assembly RequiredTEAM ANDREW is the first project for Steps2Hope. It is an army of volunteers and donors that we are building to support Specialist Andrew Smith and his wife Tori. Andrew was injured on March 8, 2012 while on his first patrol in Afghanistan. He suffered severe abdominal injuries and lost both legs. Steps2Hope is honored to be leading an effort to build them a fully accessible home that will meet their special needs when they are able to return to the Chattanooga area when they are discharged from Walter Reed Hospital.

Steps2Hope believes that Andrew Smith is one of America’s finest. He was willing to risk his life to fight for the freedom we too often take for granted. He and Tori have sacrificed much for that freedom, and we believe it is our responsibility as Americans to take care of those who give so much.

We believe everyone in our community can and should take part in this process. Our largest fund raising effort is called “2 for Drew.” We simply are asking everyone who possibly can to donate $2 to help build this home. That is all it would take to pay for the home. Once the campaign gets going,you can donate at many places around town. Please keep checking our website as we update it with businesses that have joined TEAM ANDREW and are collecting funds at their locations. You may also donate here.

There are two main ways you can get involved in this project. You may get involved by donating or volunteering. First of all, you can make a contribution to the $2 for Drew campaign. If enough people from the Chattanooga area give just $2, we will have enough to build this home. Skip that cup of coffee today and donate $2 for Drew. Or skip it all week and donate 2 $5’s for Drew. Get the idea? It all adds up and it all helps. The idea is just to give what you can. We have received checks already for $4! Children have already mailed us $2 in cash. Please just give what you can.

We are also counting on many of you to donate building materials for the home. If you own or work at a business that sells building materials, chances are we will need some of what you have. We can give tax letters for “in kind” donations of these products.

The last thing you could donate is services that your company offers. We have already had several companies donate services to help us get going on this project. All of these donations let us keep more of the money donated to put toward the house.
If you want to donate your services, money or materials, please click the Donate button at the bottom of the page and give us some information about what you would be willing to do for Team Andrew!

The second way you might contribute is through volunteering. Building a house in a week is a daunting task that will require literally tens of thousands of man hours. When you click the Volunteer button at the bottom of the page, you will be prompted to indicate whether you are a licensed skilled laborer or if you just want to volunteer for general labor. Trust us – it will take plenty of both to get this house built in a week.

As you can see- this project is big enough for everyone to participate. Whether it is by giving 2 for Drew or donating your labor or materials, we urge you all to do what you can and become a part of TEAM ANDREW!

Click Here to find more about Andrew Smith.

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